"There are over 450 English New Testament translations, all containing inaccuracies that never fully reference the original Koine Greek definitions and each word's original parsings. The Pure Word research project did just that."

Dr. Harry Miller, One Path Publishing
The Pure Word is an unprecedented New Testament resource, over 22-years in the making, that reveals the original Koine Greek depths-of-meaning from the time of Christ using breakthroughs in monadic-based hermeneutics. Discover why many consider The Pure Word an invaluable tool to be used alongside your favorite version of the Bible to experience deeper scriptural understanding that has never before been achievable in English.

"The Pure Word is an invaluable tool for truly understanding Gods instructions to His people. It is an eye opening and refreshing interpretation of the true words of our Heavenly Father."

Pastor Brandon


If you've been following Christian news sites or TV shows then you might have come across a new publicly released manuscript titled "The Pure Word" that has been lifting up the Christian community across America and around the world!
This 22-year long "last days" research project has accurately retranslated the New Testament scriptures from the of Textus Receptus Koine Greek that the KJV scribes used with life-changing results! By carefully identifying each word whose definitions have changed in the last 400 years and adding the thousands of Greek parsings missed by the KJV scholars the translation becomes deeply enriched and the clarification brings more life and meaning to each verse.
What also sets this English translation apart from all others is that the translation process additionally bypasses all interjections and misinterpretations resulting from cultural, personal, or political influences and opinions.
In fact, personal interjection within Bible translations is actually an issue that even affects the 1611 KJV as scholars were forced to omit and change scripture to comply with the King's guidelines. One such guideline was that they could not contradict the Bishop's Bible in the English translation even if the Original Greek said otherwise.
The Pure Word is not meant to replace your favorite version of the Bible, but rather to be used alongside it just as you would use a Strong's Dictionary, a concordance, or a commentary! Watch the official video now and see exactly how The Pure Word is an invaluable resource that should be used by every Christian, pastor, and Bible study group.
Changes in Word Definitions Over Time Have Also Been Corrected
Many of our English words no longer have the same meaning that they had when the KJV scholars used them over 400 years ago. These English words have been updated to match the originally intended meaning of the Greek words. One of the many changes is in the definition of the Greek word pisteuw (strong #4100) which the KJV scholars correctly stated as "Believe" in 1604. In the 16th century, the word "believe" had a completely different meaning than it does today. Back then it meant to "Commit to" or "dedicate your life to" or even "give your life for". It was an action verb back then, in which you had to back up your "belief" with your very life.
Therefore, when the King James scholars used the word "believeth" in John 3:16 as follows:
     "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life." (KJV)
They understood that they were saying that an individual must "commit their very lives to Christ". The Pure Word shows the original meaning of pisteuw by using today's understood concept of "Committing":
     "Because, God has Loved in such a manner the satan's world, so that He Gave His Son, the Only Begotten Risen Christ, in order that whoever is Continuously by his choice Committing for the Result and Purpose of Him, should not perish, but definitely should, by his choice, be Continuously Having Eternal Life." (TPW)
In this example, both the KJV and The Pure Word naturally present the same message regarding the gift of Salvation through Jesus Christ; however, the original Koine Greek to English translation found in The Pure Word provides more original depth regarding the meaning of "believeth" in Greek that was correctly used by the 1611 scholars but has changed over the last 400 years. You will also notice that each word's parsings which exists in the original Greek have been incorporated which brings a deeper understanding of this very important verse.

How Was The Pure Word Constructed

God Requires us to Study His Word

The principle we are to follow is for us to "Prove all things by the Word of God" (1 Thess 5:21). That includes all ministers, teaching, preaching, doctrines, sermons, writings, opinions, and practices. Examine all by the light of the Bible. Any teaching that is not 100% supported by the Scriptures you are to reject wholly. Studying is not optional for Christians but required by God. In fact, we are commanded by God to "Study to show yourself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." (2 Tim 2:15).

All man-made "translations" contain countless flaws

There is always a discrepancy between the original Greek (NT in this case) to English and mankind has created more than 450 different English translations which have thousands of differences between themselves. So which version should you be studying if they are all saying different things? The best thing you can hope for is to find a translation that mirrors as closely as possible the original meanings of the scriptures. Even the KJV scholars back in the 1600's did not understand Greek and clearly indicated that they did not, and they "combined" multiple prior writings to form the new KJV 1611 Bible so that both the Puritans and Protestants could agree through compromise and hence bring peace to England.

Since the KJV scribes were honest men, they openly admitted that they did not know the early Konie Greek (as no-one did) but instead selected existing verses from many previous English and Latin writings and putting them together from many authors and documents over the prior centuries the best way they could to create the compromise they needed and to be approved by King James. They also did not keep track of which document each verse was pulled from when they were all concatenated to form the KJV authorized version.

Thus, the preface to the first edition says that the translators never set out to make a translation, but to make "out of many good ones", one principal good one (ie, the KJV). Interestingly enough then, the King James Bible reflects the spoken English of the early 1500's rather than the early 1600s in which it was printed as they merely concatenated the many dozens of prior versions, choosing what versions they saw best, all without referencing God's original words. Scholars agree, that though the translation work was done by a committee, this large group of men, with diverse resources, produced a better version of the English Bible than had previously been available. It certainly was not perfect nor was the English text inspired, but it was carefully done, faithful as possible to the available texts and manuscripts.

Since "Translations" are the problem, What is the Solution?

Since a "translation" (ie, decided by man) is the problem, what is needed is to go back in time and determine the primary meanings of original Koine Greek words, and apply them to each word of the KJV textus receptus. The Pure Word project was started to do just that. After 22 years of research determining the original meanings of each Greek root word, The Pure Word was then created in a single second by automatically applying the meanings and parsings word-for-word assigned to each of the 140,745 words in the KJV textus receptus Koine Greek. It is for this reason, that we cannot call this a "translation" as no man had any input on a single verse and due to the very nature of how it was created, traditions of man and opinion have been 100% eliminated wherever they previously existed and previously incorporated over the centuries for political, religious, or social control. The Pure Word is NOT a translation but an extraction of the original text and printed as is. This process removed known discrepancies and provides a consistency and clarity of meaning.

The Pure Word Project Spanned 400 Years!

If you want to get right down to it, the Pure Word project actually spanned over 400 years to complete and the many lifetimes of dedicated Brothers and Sisters in Christ unknowingly working on the same project. (1) It started when the KJV scribes in 1604 started to gather the known translated documents and separating the misleading ones, creating the Majority Text and Textas Receptus. (2) God's work continued when Dr. Strong in the late 1800's which separated the Greek words into the 5,624 Koine Greek root bases. (3) Then, Scrivener in the late 1800's, with dozens of scholars, painstakingly analyzed the parsings for each of the 140,745 words making up the Koine Greek New Testament. (4) The Only piece of the puzzle still missing was determining the exact root meaning of each of the 5,624 Koine Greek words to perfectly fit into each and every context of the New Testament requiring 22 years of research and millions of cross-references to ensure that each Word of God is indeed Pure as God said and is without mixture of meaning or shared by another word (Psa 12:6; Prov 30:5).

Reviews of The Pure Word

"Read The Pure Meaning and Feel The Full Power of God's Words as It was Meant To Be Read And Heard From The Very Beginning! I cannot properly express what a blessing this new resource is to the English speaking world. I already own the leather-bound edition of The Pure Word Bible but tonight bought a paperback version to use for making notes and highlighting verses. If you love the translation of the Bible you have now, please keep it. But if you want to know the true original meaning of verses you’re not sure of, then you will want the Pure Word Bible. If anyone has ever taken the time to do a word study out of the New Testament to find out what the original Koine Greek meaning was, what we refer to as hermeneutics, than you know how time consuming it can be. The Pure Word has done it for you. Let me give you a quick example. I gave a message this past Sunday out of Luke chapter 11 verses 14-19. Now most Bible reading and believing Christians when asked who is "Beelzebul" in those verses would be able to answer why it is satan. But if you asked those same Christians what does "Beelzebul" mean very few could answer because they have never studied that word before. Does it matter? If you want to know the disdain and complete worthlessness that Jesus and the people including the Pharisees and Scribes felt about satan you must know what Beelzebul means. And I am not going to tell you. Research the word yourself and see how long it takes you to find out the original meaning and then imagine trying to do that for each of the 5,624 Greek root words in the New Testament and you will soon realize what a monumental task that would be. The Pure Word Bible has already done that for you!!!! The days in which we live this Bible came in God's perfect timing so that the world can read and hear the FULL power and PURE meaning of His Words once again. Maranatha! "
- Pastor Gary Gardner
"Beyond Words! I have studied the KJV and other translations for decades and this translation has opened my eyes! Having learned the scriptures forward and backwards, that is difficult for a pastor to admit. It removes all the questions I've had and all the discrepancies I've found over the years. The consistency and accuracy is outstanding and provides a clear walk with the Lord! I can't express my love for God and this translation that he has provided us today. At first it was slightly difficult to read as it directly converts the Greek to English without all the "fluff" that all other translations include which then changes the meaning, and hence what God wanted to say. No wonder so many denominations exist with all the different and contradictory translations. I teach the New Testament from The Pure Word. I highly recommend that every Christian get a copy. God is Great!"
- Pastor Michael
"Perhaps one reason we see no revival in the US is because of all the modern, Vaticanized translations of Westcott & Hort who were anti-Trinity (Hence, no more I John 5:7) amillenialists (reflected in Revelation 5). "Translating" in the 1880s, they claim the "older manuscripts" which just happened to come out of Alexandria, Egypt, the heart of Gnosticism and the Catholic Mt. Sinai. These translations were found, conveniently, in the VATICAN. The Textus Receptus used for the Pure Word, on the other hand, came from Asia Minor - where so many of them were originally written or sent. Those were the older translations of the great revivalists. We need to get back to THE PURE WORD. "
- Andy
"This is a must have for all truth seekers out there!!! Mind BLOWING, FULL of revelation and spiritually transforming! It’s amazing! Do not hesitate or worry about whether you should get this, just do it - you won’t regret it. After I ordered my first, I then ordered 4 more to share. Everyone feels the same ways It’s life changing."
- Emily K
"I attend a weekly bible study at my church and brought this to have the pastor take a look. He LOVES it. The group uses mostly NKJV with a few KJV and NIV users and I though we were getting a good mix of various translations to dive deeper into the meaning of certain scripture since some words in 1 version can be technically more accurate than another but the pure word takes it an entirely new level and it was one of the most spiritually filled studies we’ve ever had. I never knew all of our bibles were missing so much more meaning."
- C. Bear
"The Pure Word bible has opened up my understanding and is the most prized tool I have for studying the bible, which is saying something as I have an extensive library of study materials."
- A. Williamson
" Amazing Translation of The New Testament! I will always remember the first day I received my copy of the Pure Word translation. It was like I knew Greek! It was Amazing! No other New Testament brings out the Greek grammar like TPW translation does. Away with these neutered translation like the NIV and the ESY that claim they are closer to the Greek. Every Christian needs a copy of this amazing translation!"
- J Sisneros
"First, rec'd it a day early, thank you!! Just got it today but from reading the back cover, can tell that we'll really enjoy this rich bible tool to help understand the bible, and can never get enough of that! (This book was recommended in a Christian magazine that my husband gets.)"
- Simon S
"I love the Pure Word! It has helped me to clarify so much of the Bible I didn’t understand before. It has also revealed errors in all other translations that have to do with our salvation. We have been duped concerning our salvation! The Pure Word is difficult to read at first because the sentence structure in the Greek language is so different from ours. But keep reading; you will catch on to its rhythm, and you will be in awe."
- L Noyes
"The Pure Word brings a clarity that was understood during the time of the Apostles and is indescribable. My pastor is always looking up Greek words and sharing the deeper meanings of verses, but The Pure Word goes far beyond that and does this for every verse in the New Testament! This literal word for word Greek translation is truly inspired and my soul sings as I read it!"
- S Cetchy
"LOVING THIS TRANSLATION wondering "where it's been all my life?!" I realized a long time ago that the translations we have had (take your pick) grabbed whatever portion of understanding from the Aramaic, Hebrew, or Greek word they "liked best" and fit their understanding and left out the rest so I was laboriously going to Strong's to learn what a verse really was getting at. FINALLY the team at The Pure Word did it for EVERY SINGLE WORD!!! HalleluYAH!!! Thank you for honoring the Father through the Son IN THE SPIRIT to arrive at this marvelous translation!!! "
- Kar
"Please keep publishing the most informative Scriptures I have EVER read! Absolutely packed with clarity that I have never experienced."
- M Hudgins
"I really appreciate what the team of translators have done with this translation of the Word. As I have learned multiple languages in the past, I understand the difficulties in translating from one language to another and invariably there will be subtle meanings (or not-so-subtle) that are lost in translation. I believe that Hebrew and Greek are the two languages God used to write down His words to us, because both Hebrew and Greek have some amazing properties as languages. As mentioned, Greek is an incredibly precise language that can contain multiple pieces of information in a single word. An example of how this works in English is to use the proper names for male or female animals vs just the general name. If you say, "I have horses", we know you have multiple horses, but not their genders. But if you say, "I have stallions", we know that you have multiple horses and they're all male. So the single word 'stallions' contains four pieces of information: the category (animal), type (horse), number (more than one) and gender (masculine). Greek works in a similar way but on a much bigger scale, with every word containing multiple pieces of information. English is a language that is quite vague, and a single word in English can have multiple meanings, or multiple words can have the same meaning. This creates room for people to interpret a piece of scripture multiple ways and from this entire denominations are created and the church is divided over subjects in the Word that, if we looked at the original language, may speak of the matter so precisely that there is no room for debate. By getting back to the Greek and parsing out each Greek word with as many pieces of information as accurately in English as possible, we can get back to what God was intending to say when He spoke to the original author who penned the scriptures. "
- T Grandberg
"The Pure Word is the best, easy to understand translation of the bible I've ever read. I feel like I'm stepping back in time 2000 years each time I read. I'm going to ask the members of our home study group to purchase a copy as well. Shout out to One Path Publishing, well done!"
- Paula
"The Bible itself has changed the way I understand some of the text from my NKJV. It’s made it clearer and more accurate. Since language has changed so drastically over the ages, some words have lost their original meaning. The Pure Word brings back the accuracy of what Peter, John, Paul and most especially Jesus meant to convey. I thank God for a clearer understanding of what He meant for us to know. "
- Kaylee B
"I read my book every single night for over Thirty days..to this day it is beside me day and night. I still have more to read…however I just wanted to let you know it is truly a soul searcher. I found a lot in my long life that means so much more to me then I EVER REALIZED. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH FOR HAVING THIS BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE AVAILABLE FOR EVERYONE TO LEARN,LOVE, BELIEVE AND TO “KNOW” GOD…AND TO READ WHAT HE HAS BEEN TELLING US THROUGHOUT OUR LIVES. THIS IS REALLY THE … PURE WORD…. AND I LOVE IT "
- A Cilurso
"The Pure Word Bible Is just nothing short of Amazing. It brings power and life back into the words that have been watered down from translation. It puts the responsibility back on man to “Continually be choosing God!” Our Salvation is our responsibility and our choice by God’s Grace thru Jesus Christ. I am loving my Bible and encourage anyone desiring to better understand God’s Word to get one! "
- M Tarkington
"Wonderful life changing! Life Changing this book is truly amazing to know the Greek meaning like a bible scholar is priceless. It’s an absolute must for any serious bible scholar. Get this now read it cover to cover meditate on it memorize it the very best serious study for serious scholars and lay persons alike you don’t want to miss this one."
- C. A. Lisitski
"Dive deeper into your favorite version of the Bible than ever before!"
- Gary Stearman, TV Host
"A serious scholarly work. Lovers of the word of God will find this masterful work an excellent addition to their reference collection. I admire the years of dedication involved in the creation of this book. I plan on purchasing another copies. I have been giving "The Pure Word" as gifts to dear friends."
- Chris W
"This book is a great addition to my library. It has expanded my understanding of the need for deliberate committed choices. We cannot be halfway. The flavor is wonderful. I took me a few pages to get used to the different literary style. I do not know what it is called but it typically looks at a subject form a negative comparison to positive, or reflective from what was not to what is. Overall it is a favorite now. The stories are richer to me now as I see our responsibilities in decisions and actions."
- G.E. Burton
"This is a wonderful new resource for bible students! In all our current translations bible scholars have condensed the previous Word of God and removed so much of the original content. I had no idea! This little book returns us to the original writings and all of the nuances that God intended us to have. Reading John 3:16 for example emphasizes the CONTINUAL BELIEVING BY CHOICE that every individual must employ for salvation. Without the verse written in this way the gospel message is watered down significantly! This is evident in so many passages. The heart of our bibles has been shrunk and the seriousness of the believer has been minimized. This may have lead to many people thinking they were Christians, but only living lukewarm shallow lives...because the emphasis on the continual, daily, free will to fully embrace God, in moment by moment dedication is missing in our current translations. Every verse is bursting with explicit detail. The challenge is to open our eyes anew and refresh our commitments to God. Study this text alongside your personal bible and see the difference. Perhaps this is not a translation that will be easy to completely replace others, but for personal studies it’s an eye opener and a joy."
- Jenny
"Thank you so very much for “The Pure Word”!!!!!! It is opening my spirit in such deeper ways! So now of course I am so hungry for the complete Bible translation! Will there be a Pure Word translation out soon with the Old Testament?"
- H Holmes
"The New Testaments Most Accurate Translation. This is a unique English translation of the original Greek in which the New Testament of the Bible was written in. This is a wonderful aid to assist in understanding the original meaning of the Scripture. Ministers, Bible Teachers, and believers in general will benefit from having access to this translation."
- R Forest
"It takes a little getting accustomed to the way it is written. I have found this to be very valuable to my Bible study. The word 'continuously' has brought a different but wonderful meaning to me ie; John 14:27, John 12:26, John 10:3-4. I have been looking for this type of translation for a very long time. Thank you!"
- T House
"It brings the true translation to the New Testament. This New Testament Bible is lovely to read. It’s wonderful to read the true meaning to the word of God. I would encourage anyone to buy this book."
- Anne
"Great Complimentary to my KJV of the New Testament. Love this Greek translation."
- R Shonyo
"Brilliant! Absolutely excellent opens up the scripture with a version that is more understandable than the amplified. Easy to read, easy to understand a perfect companion to the KJV."
- S M Rochford
"Can’t put it down... it doesn’t not read poetic and it is NOT translated from the 1611 KJV, it is translated from the original manuscripts... awesome, breath-taking, taking you to a whole new spiritual realm of understanding. For instance our word “believe” in John 3:16 is translated “Continuously by his choice Committing for the Result and Purpose of Him” in The Pure Word. Wow! As any devote Christian knows, it’s not just about head knowledge, it’s about a way of life that our use of the word “believe” does not fully capture. Read the NT, the Gospels and the words of Jesus the way their culture would have written and meant for it to be understood. (I have bought many copies for gifts for others who love studying God’s Word, and they were all well received.) To God Be All Glory Forever and Ever. Amen."
- A Purposeful Walk
"I really enjoy the pure word New Testament translation. It gives you a better understanding of the original Greek manuscript’s meaning without having to do all of the research. Great resource!"
- Sharon
"The Pure Word has been invaluable help to me in preparing my material, together with The NIV Exhaustive Concordance. It provides so much broader understanding which the Concordance cannot give. May the Lord bless you and your team for this labor of love to the body of Christ. Keep up the good work. "
- K.T. Cheng
"This Bible is a must have for anyone wishing to better understand God and the Bible without having to become a scholar in Biblical Greek."
- Pastor Tom Quirk
"This has changed my life! Beautiful translation, I have grown in my walk with Christ. Putting this into the hands of as many people as possible."
- M Kim
"The Pure Word is the purest word for word New Testament ever published! We love the Pure Word New Testament Bible. With so many different versions of God's word out there, so much has been changed. Getting it word for word in the Pure Word New Testament, as it was written, has brought more understanding in some of the things we have wondered about. It brings such clarity. We are hoping they put out the Pure Word of the Old Testament, also. When you can read it word for word; knowing it is the truth, the Pure Word of God, many things you might wonder about, no longer are a question, but you get understanding, you didn't have before."
- S Melton
"... awesome, breath-taking, taking you to a whole new realm of understanding."
- Shari C
"A read that makes more sense; often scriptural content seems unrelated and loosely pulled together. This version eliminates this problem. I highly recommend this translation to be used along with other translations."
- Jen
"The Pure Word is an invaluable tool for truly understanding Gods instructions to His people. It is an eye opening and refreshing interpretation of the true words of our Heavenly Father."
- Pastor Brandon
"I had been wanting this for 3 yrs asking for it for Christmas and my birthday but never received it so once I was able I bought it myself. SO glad I did. It is so educational. It is like a whole other level advanced level of each NT book. I also didn't find the wording that difficult for the most part but once in a while to grab the bible and read along with this decoding of the original language. It makes the world of difference for Paul and James's books I always find them the hardest to 'get' what they are really meaning. This leaves no doubt and really is a help."
- kim
"EXTREMELY HELPFUL! Read it next to your regular English version of the bible to get extra insight into the meaning!"
- G L Hemphill
"The Bible at its purest. It’s good to have a bible that’s as exact as can be, as with literal translations it can be a bit difficult for some to read, but in my opinion, it read likes the people that wrote them (1,900 years ago). It’s refreshing and no covering up words to suit the opinions of the now."
"The Pure Word a great bible study resource. First heard about The Pure Word on Prophesy Watchers. Had been looking for a resource that would give me more insight and accurate understanding of the Original Greek. The Pure Word was much more than I expected. Passages that had been a problem to understand suddenly became clear and concise. More importantly they agreed with other passages in the New Testament. The Pure Word translation also passes my personal truth test. My recommendation is for you to order a copy of the Pure Word and see for yourself what a treasure chest this translation is."
- W McCreary
"Pure JOY to have a new Testament you can trust! Yes this is not a New Testament which reads "fluently" BUT so easy to understand the meaning of the words as it was originally written. Brilliant as a book to have open when studying my NKJV Bible. A must for any serious Bible Student!"
- Kortasem
"RECOMMENDED FOR BETTER UNDERSTANDING OF NEW TESTAMENT! Tells you EXACTLY what was originally written. John 21:15-17 is a great example and states the real meaning of the word 'love'."
- Whizkid
"Easy to read. Puts the New Testament in a new light. Doesn’t confuse the reader but rather presents the text in a meaningful, well understood tone. Just received the book and immediately went to Book of Revelation (who wouldn’t?). Eye opening and thought provoking."
- L Klingensmith
"The Pure Word is a wonderful resource to use alongside my NKJV Holy Bible. Wish I had it years ago, but I thank my Lord and Savior for allowing me to have it now."
- Kelly
"A great additional translation! If you’re familiar with the text, but trying to get the context, this will likely help a good deal. Again, the preface explains several things about the text, translation, word order, capitalization, that will put the whole thing in context. Some may not agree with this context, I won’t address this issue. The people I’ve shared it with all wanted their own copies, I think that says it all. If you want more clarity from the Biblical text, this should help tremendously."
- D Kelley
"Initially I thought the book was a little "choppy". I mean the word and sentence structure was choppy (but without thou's and thee's as in old school English) but an overly literal translation. So the GREAT news is it’s NOT like so many versions out there that omit key scripture like Matt 18:11 , Mark 9:24, Luke 4:41 and other scripture so it’s a boss!"
- W WellBean
"I was raised with the KJV. I learned and memorized verses. But I never really understood the full meaning of the verses. With Pure Bible, it doesn't read quite as easy as the KJV, but the explanations are eye opening. This is now my everyday bible for studying. A must have for a true seeker of the true meaning of the Scriptures!"
- K Franklin
"The Pure Word is an Incredible labor of love! This edition of the New Testament will open your eyes to the TRUTH! No more time consuming searching your Greek concordance for the true word meanings...it’s ALL right there in front of you! LOVE this!!! HIGHLY recommend!"
- Melissa
"I use the Pure Word in my studies because I often feel like certain words or meanings in the common translations could be more accurate, so it is the very thing I've been wishing for. Many words in the bible are all encompassing and generalized, have been misinterpreted by the translators or the English meanings have changed, and the original distinct Words of God are somewhat lost when compared to the original Greek. I highly recommend using this for clarification alongside your Bible."
- Kevin
"It’s good, but hard to read, although that's no fault of its own. It is good to see the 'real' text and be able to compare it with other versions."
- United Kingdom
"Wow wow wow, Where have you been all my life! OMG I am so overtaken by this translation. It is so powerful! I wanted to read the Bible just like this one for a long time. John 5:24 “He that is Continuously Hearing My Word, Continuously Committing to Him that is Sending Me, Is Continuously Having Life Eternal, and is not Continuously Coming into final judgement but definitely now Continuously Departing out from death into Eternal Life.” Tell me if that is not Perfectly Translated and TRUE! "
- M Diaz
"The Pure Word holds a unique aspect that all 450 translated bibles do not hold, that it’s an induced meaning that is pleasing which brings the Word of God into a whole new literal context. I have been through all translations, such as NKJV, KJV, NIV, NLT and ESV. These translations seem to have all grey areas, since they are not directly translation through the original Koine Greek manuscripts. Because of this it challenging to grasp the full meaning or understanding of the words and verses being used unless you conduct an exhausting full depth study for each word and verse. The Pure Word simply clarifies this by using the full terminology of the Koine Greek words, in an English phrase. This bible may not be 100% accurate or perfect, but it's certainly close to that mark."
- Near Perfect Translation
"Wow...what an awesome addition to my library. Any serious student of the Bible needs this! You won't be disappointed."
- MikeL
"Amazing, spellbinding! Great book! Eye opening text. Hard to put down. Scary just thinking about the correlation between Bible historical events and today. Who says history doesn't repeat itself?"
- R. C. Lee
"Taken directly from the scrolls. I cannot get enough of reading it. I have read it from cover to cover twice!"
- Truth Seeker
"The Pure Word is an invaluable tool for truly understanding Gods instructions to His people! It is an eye opening true words of our Heavenly Father. While a little difficult to read at times, (due to its complete rawness) it is amazing and exciting to know the true meaning behind the New Testaments instructions that the Lord has given us. I prefer to read the Pure Word first over my regular New King James Bible, because when I read the Pure Word I know that I am reading Gods actually words and I can be assured that the text is not altered in any way by man. I highly recommend the Pure Word to anyone that is interested in knowing the New Testament in the most honest, unaltered, purest form I have ever seen! "
- T Kent
"I have read the Bible for over 30 years and I usually buy a new one every year so I can see it fresh (without my previous notes). This translation was so refreshingly challenging to read. This translation makes it clear that we live in “satan’s world” which might be hard for those who want to ignore the spiritual realm. The once-saved-always-saved crowd might have a hard time with the many times it talks about the active pursuing faith we are to have...”you must be continually committing to God” and the Calvinist’s might struggle with “now in such a manner, you must have by your choice presented your members Slaves of Righteousness for the result of Personal Holiness.” Personally I hear the Voice of God calling me to a deeper walk with Him. Thank your for this translation."
- J Martin Blom
"This is a wonderful addition to my library. The Pure Word adds great clarification to my Bible studies. I highly recommend it."
- R Grilley
"I read the KJV my whole life ... and The Pure Word is filled with the Spirit and brings me closer to God each day."
- H Riley


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